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How to take your entertainment to the next level with AMS Nightlife

Apps & Technology

As we move into a new focus of Kiwi entertainment, there’s no better way to boost your venue’s presence with AMS Nightlife.

1) We are run by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders

There’s something special about companies that are started by passionate New Zealanders. This is the story with AMS Nightlife, who believe the key to success is providing outstanding customer service as well as great entertainment. Since 2004, this combination has led to AMS Nightlife supplying quality entertainment to over 1,100 customers nationwide.

With a Wellington based support team and great intro deals, it’s the perfect time to get on board. We’ve always been there to support other businesses and help keep them in tune, regardless of their situation.

2) Quality is in the product

A quality product that works for you can be hard to come by. That’s why at AMS Nightlife, all hardware goes through rigorous testing to make sure that it works for you and your venue. We push the system to the limits, assuring you that it lives up to the high standard that you would expect.

Each system is personally configured by one of our team to suite your specific needs. You will find a well-built and user-friendly media player that’s ready to take your entertainment to the next level.

3) Innovation is a key part of our business

AMS Nightlife makes sure that customers are constantly up to date with new music, video, and innovation. We have a team of music curators and developers keeping your content and platform, new and fresh. Running entertainment from your AMS Nightlife system is easier than ever.

With the ability to score and control trivia from your phone, our systems help you run the perfect event. Update and display live scores from the trivia as well as switching slides from the comfort of your device. This is all controlled by your mobile device giving you the ability to roam around your venue while connected to the Wi-Fi.

There are many other ways to entertain your audiences, with our in-built Jingo controller to run our music bingo product, as well as the ability to jam with some in-house Karaoke to thousands of songs. Your punters can also pick their favourite tunes through crowd interaction with the crowdDJ app or Kiosk.

This is controlled by your venues playlist and music schedule to ensure you are always getting the right feel for your crowd. Learn about your customers in an interactive and fun way and get ahead of the game. Our number is 0800 267 687. Get in touch anytime.

4) We provide entertainment that suits your venue at any time of the day

Time waits for nobody, and during busy times of the day, we offer a system that allows you to get on with your core business of providing outstanding hospitality to your patrons while we take care of entertaining them for you. AMS Nightlife has advanced scheduling tools which take care of the music for you, allowing you to give customers the great service they deserve.

Want to rock and roll all night but have easy listening during the day? We can set your music to suit the vibe at any time. With ambient visual content, this can enhance engagement of customers, especially when you line it up with our advanced scheduling. Days could be filled with some crazy stunts from Red Bull Media House, surfing and sand on Garage TV, beautiful drone shots, intriguing content from People Are Awesome and heaps more from popular streaming services around the world.

You’ll also get brand new music video madness with blasts from the past too. With thousands of hours of content, customers will be greeted to something different on each occasion.

5) Our support is unconditional

As an AMS Nightlife customer, you will receive the best support. It’s unconditional. Our friendly Wellington based support team will help you learn the system and will run through everything you need to know at a time that is convenient for you.

We’re supporting you 24/7 too, so if your system isn’t quite working right at 3am, our support line goes through to our on-call representative who will be more than happy to help. All of this is included in your subscription from the great New Zealanders at AMS Nightlife. What are you waiting for? Come on board and see how AMS Nightlife can get your entertainment moving.

Get in touch with us and see what we can do for your venue.

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