Redefine Engaging Entertainment With AMS Nightlife And Believe It Or Not

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On any given day, how many customers are staring into their phones while they wait for their friends, wives, husbands, or tinder dates to arrive at your venue? Or gaze aimlessly into thin air as they painfully climb the stair master?
Abandon the cellphone and repetition, and enhance their customer experience with Believe It Or Not, an ambient screen quiz exclusive to AMS Nightlife.
It’s a bit like an in-flight quiz, where customers can flex their general knowledge skills all while being engaged with music videos and your personal advertising.
For hospitality venues, this innovative ambient screen quiz is a super fun and original way to keep your guests entertained during downtime and provide brilliant conversation starters. Its also the perfect low-key entertainment for solo punters.
For gyms, this engaging screen content breaks up music videos, member messaging and advertising- providing a healthy mix of entertainment.
Not to mention, this feature is an industry first and provides another unique draw card for your venue!
The screen questions are aimed at a wide audience and are designed to cater for as many people’s interests as possible. The content is fresh and captivating without demanding undivided attention.
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Find out how to take advantage of this NZ first innovation or to discuss upgrading your system get in touch.

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