People enjoying AMS Nightlife Music systems for Bars and Restaurants

Our Story.

Who are we?

AMS Nightlife is New Zealand’s premier locally based, internationally regarded music and visual subscription service for any business.

Based in Wellington, servicing all of New Zealand, AMS Nightlife offers a wealth of knowledge in music technology, creating unique soundtracks for brands across the country and around the world.

It is the result of two wholly-owned family businesses from New Zealand and Australia with overlapping passions for superior customer support and content curation, joining forces.

People enjoying AMS Nightlife Music systems for Bars and Restaurants

Husband and wife duo, Brent and Karen de Bres started AMS Music in 2004, building it to be NZ’s music-visual powerhouse with an unrivalled reputation for customer-first attention.

Australia’s largest music tech company responsible for world-first innovations, Nightlife Music, was founded over 30 years ago by best mates Mark Brownlee and Tim de Souza and now supports over 5,000 clients across all industries in Australia.

With Nightlife looking to expand its local presence with its closest neighbour and AMS’ desire to advance its technological capacity, AMS Nightlife is an inspired outcome aimed at elevating customer experience to new heights.

AMS Nightlife services over 1,300 clients across all industry verticals including hospitality, fitness, accommodation, leisure, retail and dining.

Lady using AMS Nightlife Music System for Bars

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