Trivia Control

Simplify your quiz night - score and run your quiz with a click of a button,

Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Built by Kiwi ingenuity for use in the tough New Zealand and Australian pub quiz environments, the AMS Nightlife Trivia Control and Trivia Scorecard systems are the result of over six years of research, development, and experimentation to find out what does (and does not) work.

Trivia Control makes your quiz night simple and stress free.

Unique quiz teams.

Scores recorded.

Quizzes run weekly.

Simplify your quiz night.

Intelligent scoring.

Trivia Control has an easy to use interface for score entry. We make it 'trivial' to enter team scores straight from the score sheet and do all the heavy lifting for you. No more calculating totals, or doubling joker/bonus rounds. Trivia Control takes care of it all!

Beautiful on-screen scorecard.

The Trivia Control scorecard looks professional and displays on the same screens as your quiz with a simple click of a button. Build hype and competition between your teams by showing them how they are ranking.

Hassle-free quiz setup.

Sick of downloading your quiz, plugging the laptop in, opening the file and making it all work on your screens? Trivia Control automatically downloads your quiz and has it ready for you, taking the hassle out of running a quiz!

One click quiz operation.

Your AMS Nightlife system should already be connected to your screens, so come quiz time, all you need to do is click 'start' and Trivia Control will stop the music and load the quiz. Then, simply progress through your quiz with the next button, or your quiz clicker of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How do I get Trivia Control in my venue?
    Talk to our Sales team.

    Get a full rundown on what AMS Nightlife has to offer and decide on a package that’s right for your business. Make sure you mention you run a quiz!

    Already with us?

    Give us a call and we can get Trivia Control set up for you. Training and support is all included!

    NOTE: Trivia Control is an AMS Nightlife add-on and requires an active AMS Nightlife subscription to function.

  • Do you supply the quizzes?

    Trivia Control is compatible with all major quiz providers, but we don’t actually supply the quiz.

    Let your quiz vendor know that you have an AMS Nightlife system and they will get in touch with us, so we can have the quiz ready on your system.

  • How do I run my quiz?

    Running a quiz is super easy and typically only requires clicking ‘go’, so to speak. Head to our help page to find out more, or give us a call on 0800 111 960.

  • How does the quiz get onto my system?

    As long as your quiz provider knows you’re an AMS Nightlife customer, they will inform us weekly that you’re running a quiz.

    Trivia Control will then auto-magically download the quiz and have it ready on your system.

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