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How To Host The Ultimate NYE Party In Your Venue

Bring The End-Of-Year Energy To Your Venue

With 2024 on the horizon, AMS Nightlife’s exclusive New Year’s Eve content is ready to power your end-of-year celebrations! 

As always, we’ve got a mash-up of the year’s top songs, a countdown to the New Year, DJ Sets and much more. All designed to keep the good times rolling, no matter what kind of party you’re hosting.

10-Second Count Down To The New Year? Or 10-Minute Dance Track Mashup?

Make the last moments of the year memorable for patrons! As the excitement of partygoers fills the room, you can build on the anticipation with our Countdown to 2024.  

You can choose between a 10-second countdown to welcome in the new year which will then play ‘Auld Lang Syne’ with exciting visuals, or a 10-minute compilation of the top dance tracks from 2023 which can be scheduled to play from 11:50PM on December 31st.

Whichever you choose you can be sure it is the perfect atmosphere amplifier as midnight looms. It’s super easy to set up check it out below!

Step 1: click on ‘Search Songs’ in Manage My Nightlife

Step 2: click on ‘LISTS‘ and select ‘#NEW YEARS EVE NEW ZEALAND’:

Step 3: choose between the 10-Second countdown, or the 10-Minute dance track mashup, click on the text for your choice and then the clock icon

Step 4: this will bring up the scheduler, if you have chosen the 10-Second countdown, then set the schedule to Sunday December 31st at 11:59:45PM. Make sure you remember the PM part otherwise it will go off at lunchtime!

If you have chosen the 10-Minute Dance Track Mashup then set the scheduler to Sunday December 31st at 11:50:00PM. Make sure you remember the PM part otherwise it will go off at lunchtime!

Step 5: hit schedule and get ready to party!

To make sure you have it scheduled you can check in the Weekly Schedule.


Click here and you’ll be redirected to our New Year’s Eve article on our support website, where we outline the steps for how you can schedule the Countdown to 2024 to play at your venue.

Alternatively, you can click here to register, and our team will set it up for you. Once we have your details, we’ll set the countdown to play at 10 seconds to midnight or the mashup to play at 11:50PM on December 31st in your venue. 

Please note: this registration form will close on December 28th.

Maximise End-Of-Year Energy With Nightlife’s DJ Sets

Our DJ sets are carefully curated and beatmixed to sound just like a real, live DJ set. They’re perfect for keeping energy up after a live performance or for getting customers moving and the atmosphere going! 

Here’s a few DJ Sets we recommend queuing on New Year’s Eve: 

DJ NYE – listen to a sample!

Featuring the biggest hits of 2023, this set will keep that electric NYE energy going all night long.  

DJ PARTY listen to a sample!

A compilation of old and new party tracks spanning generations, this one inspires the dancer in us all.  

MIX DANCE – listen to a sample!

There’s nothing better than a good beat to get partygoers moving and this DJ Set has plenty to offer.  

MIX CLUB – listen to a sample!

This high tempo set features some of the biggest club tracks of all time – a guaranteed crowd favourite.

Make Their Top Picks Part Of Your NYE Playlist 

If you’ve got crowdDJ, don’t forget you can always share your venue’s playlist with patrons – allowing them to see what’s coming up next and to pick their favourite party tracks to play in your venue! 

There’s nothing they’ll love more than dancing the night away and belting the lyrics to their favourite tracks alongside friends and family. What better way is there to welcome in the new year? 

If you want to activate crowdDJ in your venue, click here to talk to our team 

Count Down to 2024 On Screens With Our Digital Signage Clock

Amplify the NYE excitement by placing the 2024 Countdown Clock on screens around your venue! 

Available via the Advertising Library in the Manage My Nightlife web app, you can program this at any time – even right after Christmas to keep those high holiday spirits going.   

To learn more about setting up your 2024 Countdown Clock, click here. 


Celebrate In Style With Traditional NYE Tracks  

Want to ring in the New Year in a more unique way, without the dance tracks? We also have multiple versions of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, including covers by Mariah Carey and Boney M, available on our systems. 

This song is an annual rite of passage that’s been around since the 1920s. It’s known for its commemoration as we move from the old year into the new! 

And that’s ityou’re NYE party ready! 

Now you’ve got a plan, your customers can spend NYE twisting and shouting alongside The Beatles, losing themselves to dance with Daft Punk and much more.  

If you require Nightlife support to get your venue NYE ready with any of the tools mentioned, please ensure you contact us by the 29th of December. 

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