Why AMS Nightlife

Best Quality Products, Personal Music Curation, Support and Service

With AMS® Music and AMS Nightlife you get a music solution that suits both you and your customers. We use music and visual content to create customer experiences at your place. We are a team of people passionate about music with NZ based software developers and a focused customer service crew who are available 24-7. We specialise in music solutions for Gyms, Hospitality and Retail and work with you to understand your brand, atmosphere, demographics and how you want your music to change throughout the day to optimise your customers’ experience. AMS® Music is NZ’s No. 1 Music System Provider for business with over 800 venues nationwide – here’s why:

MUSIC curated soundtrack specifically to fit within the brand, along with the highest quality visual content
MUSIC VIDEO content of the highest visual quality
FAMILY-FRIENDLY content and explicit filters
WEEKLY updates with new tracks, chart entries and curated playlists
OFFLINE playback and online content delivery
CUSTOMER satisfaction, interaction and increased dwell times
SCHEDULING for music and advertising
AMBIENT CONTENT and extreme sports videos
CONTROL from any device on your network or on the road with AMS Anywhere and Manage My Nightlife

By personally working with each venue we support we have learned that turning the music up and making music part of the venues overall experience has made a huge difference to staff and customers alike.

Exclusive to AMS® Music are specially developed PRODUCTS designed solely for the benefit of increasing customer stay times in your business:

Only AMS® Music delivers on all this and so much more. We make the music work for you and your customers. Sound great?
Why not give it a go? 30 Day Free Trial available NOW.

We’re passionate about your music.

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Getting Your Music Right

All our music videos are HD or at least DVD quality.

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Quality Music Videos

True 24/7 Support For Your Music System In NZ

You don't work 9-5, neither do we.

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24/7 Support

Karaoke Music Systems, Karaoke New Zealand, Karaoke For A Bar

15,000 of the world's best karaoke tracks.

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NZ’s Best Karaoke

Have Your Music Scheduled | All Music Played Is Logged

Easy as scheduling & we log everything played.

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Music Scheduling & Logging

Phone, tablet or laptop control.

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Control On Any Device

Get New Tracks - Fast With AMS Music Systems

New tracks fast!

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Online Updates

On Screen Ads, Digital Signage - It's all easy with AMS Music

Tell your customers what’s happening at your place.

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On-Screen Ads & Ticker

Control Your Quiz Night Easily With AMS Music

NZ’s easiest quiz night control & exclusive scorecard.

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Quiz Night Control

Easy as installations.

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Plug & Play

Or DIY - no worries.

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Ads Made For You

Get Multiple Zones or Sources From The One Music System

Multiple music and/or video sources on AMS Music Systems.

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Get the freedom to request the music you want.

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Unlimited Updates

All AMS Music Systems have a built-in compressor and limiter.

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Consistent Volume Level

Your branded TV channel.

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Display Your Logo On-Screen

Putting the beats into bingo.

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Keeping your customers entertained keeps them spending.

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Get AMS Music's exclusive 30 day guarantee.

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We Make Sure You Are Happy