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Trivia Control

Please contact us during business hours for your initial Trivia Control training 0800 111 960

Play the video.
  • Where to find your quiz:

    AMS Music Users: Please note Trivia Control can be accessed from any device excluding your AMS Music PC.

    • Open your internet browser ensuring you are on the same network as the venues music system
    • Head to (if multiple zones appear click the one that refers to the part of the venue where you run your quiz)
    • Menu
    • Karaoke, Jukebox & Games
    • Quiz Manager Access Code
    • Quiz Manager

    You will then be redirected to

    If accessing via a Nightlife Music system head to and enter your user name and password as supplied to you.
    Please note it may take a couple of seconds to display which quiz files are available. If after a couple of seconds, it displays “There are no quiz files available” please contact your quiz provider.
    Your quiz provider contact details can be found in the trivia control help menu.

  • First time setup:

    Before configuring for your first quiz please load your quiz and ensure your quiz is showing on your venues TV’s.

    • Configuration: One Time Set-Up
    • Quiz Volume – adjusts the volume of playing quiz and music.
    • Screen Edges – adjusts the margin to better fit the quiz to your screens.
    • Audio and Video Outputs – Options to change your outputs.
    • Music Zone – Shows which music zone is associated with the quiz. Read only.
    • Music Volume – Preset for you. Read only.
  • Loading your quiz files:
    • One Quiz File Available:If there is only one quiz file available on the system, then the quiz can be loaded directly from either clicking Select Quiz in the notification (messages) panel, click the ‘Select Quiz’ button or from the Select Quiz menu.
      Check the quiz name matches the paperwork/documentation/information from your quiz provider.
    • Multiple Quiz Files Available:If there are multiple quiz files available, then clicking ‘Select Quiz’ will automatically drop down a list of available quiz files.
    • Select Quiz (click button or menu dropdown) this will get your quiz ready to go.
    • Start Quiz
    • Your quiz will begin!
    • Loaded the wrong quiz file? Click ‘Stop Quiz’ and reselect as above.
    • NB: The ‘Next’ button will proceed you to the next slide. This works like a PowerPoint with next taking you to the next content, not next slide. Prior to pressing start can you use the next button to go forward to the slide you want or the ‘Jump to Slide #’ function is found under Configuration in the top Menu bar.
    • When your quiz has finished, it is important to click the ‘Stop Quiz’ button to remove the quiz from your TV screens, and to restart your music and videos.
    • Your AMS® Media Manager/Manage My Nightlife redirect is available in the top menu bar. After initiating the quiz if you press play on your music in Media Manager your music will continue to play concurrently with your quiz. This allows you to play music while still showing quiz slides on-screen during your breaks. Pressing play in Media Manager will play music, regardless of what your quiz is doing.


  • Your quiz files are pushed out to you overnight via our online service the day prior to quiz day. Last-minute quizzes require a stable network to ensure you are ready to rumble! Let us know in advance if your network is down and we will make sure your quiz files are delivered once you are back online.
  • Please test your quiz BEFORE 3pm. Load as normal and play a couple of slides – sounds silly right? You can see the files; we just want to be sure your audio and video are both working. Any issues? No problem we still have time to fix it! No-one wants to be ‘that guy’ who runs into trouble right at game time with overly excited patrons ready to get quizzing.
  • Any issues with your Access Codes (and logging into the website) or non- responsiveness should be directed at AMS® Nightlife.
  • If you are using a mobile device, please ensure the batteries are sufficiently charged.
  • Be aware of screen saver lockouts, sleep mode, hibernation mode etc on the device you are using for control. Disable if necessary.
  • And don’t forget about the Quiz Scorecard – exclusive to AMS® Music - we add up your scores for you and cast them directly onto your screens with just the click of a button! Currently running as normal and coming soon to so all your quiz needs will be in one easy location.

Contact your quiz provider if:

  • You are missing quiz files or having issues with the quiz questions and formatting
  • Any issues with quiz videos that are requiring multiple clicks to start, skip past, or replay
  • If you are having any issue with the quiz volume or margins, these can be ‘tweaked’ by us, but ultimately should be directed at you quiz provider

Believe It Or Not
0800 784 963 or

Clue HQ Social Trivia
021 885 840 or

Funky Bunch Trivia
+61 3 9080 6043 or

Gee Quiz
021 046 4705 or

Kiwi Trivia Nights (QuizIt)
0800 874 842 or

Your quiz provider contact details can also be found in the trivia control help menu.

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