Support For AMS® Music Customers

This page is designed for our existing AMS Nightlife Music & Music Video System customers to suggest new music, tips and tricks on how to use the system and how to get technical support when you need it.

All our manuals are available directly on all our AMS® Music systems. Need to know how to use the AMS® Media Manager? Simply click the ‘Menu’ button on the top right and choose Help!

Alternatively, you can view the AMS® Music manuals directly in your internet browser, just click the links below. You can also print them or download them for later reference if you have a PDF reader installed. There are three manuals:

AMS Instruction Manual | AMS System Advanced Instructions | AMS System Advanced Video

For general enquiries please call us during office hours. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your AMS Nightlife Computer Music System you can call us anytime 24 hours on 0800 267 687. We do recommend a good old restart first!

To provide you the best possible customer support we may direct you to this page to download the TeamViewer client software from HERE so we can assist you better.

Request Music & Feedback

We are all about the music and making the music work for you. AMS Nightlife is committed to playing the right music at the right time and takes pride in personally curating new, updated and custom made playlists and music categories including the newest in chart music to keep your music fresh and in the theme of your business.

Want some help? Is music all too hard? Need to schedule playlists at specific times to match the ebb and flow of your business? Got a Spotify list? Convert it directly onto your AMS Player today on amsanywhere.co.nz. Have a suggestion or a song you’re dying to hear? Let us make your music AWESOME – we are here to do the music heavy lifting for you. Contact our music curators today:

Want to know more? Call now 0800 267 687 for a free trial.