Getting Your Music Right

We’re passionate about your music.

Why AMS Music

AMS Nightlife is a music company. Our team lives and breathes music. We are extremely knowledgeable about musical styles, genres, trends and staples. We’re passionate about getting it right for you because getting the right background and foreground music is crucial. It helps make your customers and guests feel totally comfortable, which means they are likely to stay longer, buy more, and better still return!

Leave your music system to our experienced team of tech gurus and music lovers. It gives you the edge. It frees you and your staff to focus on core business, while still having complete control over what is and (sometimes more importantly) what is not played. With an AMS Nightlife music system, you can check and change the music remotely via any internet connection at any time. You can even control it all via your smartphone or tablet.

You can be rest-assured that AMS Music, Nightlife, Music Video and/or Karaoke Systems are of the best quality. Very stable, very flexible and very reliable. Our support crew are available 24/7.

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We Make Sure You Are Happy

Keeping your customers entertained keeps them spending.

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Putting the beats into bingo.

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