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AMS Lists


Our jam-packed NZ Only list

NZMM On The Rise

Upcoming hit artists in New Zealand

NZMM Waiata

A fully Te Reo list for NZMM

Beer Drinking Songs

Welcome to our microbrewery of thirst-quenching classic rock and old faithfuls. Bottoms up!

2020's Best

The stand-outs and most memorable cuts of 2020 onwards


A modern fusion of laidback beats laced with instrumental jazz and hip-hop for a smart and casual vibe.

Hits Now

Drop it like it’s pop! Collecting the current hits and championing the best new music of recent times.

NZ Top 50

The official Top 50 tracks of New Zealand constantly updated to reflect the nation’s listening preferences.

All That Jazz

Join the kool kats and daddy-o’s of modern jazz for all the standards and feared compositions.

Always Sunny

Whether you’re braving the cold or enjoying the rays, here’s a chilly bin full of timeless anthems.

Choice Country

All the blends of the South with classic instruments and melodies.

Classic Kiwiana

This is our quintessential New Zealand song book. As Kiwi as Footrot Flats and the buzzy bee.

Dining Soul

Set the mood and create the ideal nourishment accompaniment with our soulful menu of audio appetisers.

Dreadlock Holiday

The bonafide classics and syncopated beats of reggae, dub, roots and dancehall.

Dunedin Sound

The sounds of the South wrapped into one specialised playlist.

Easy Lunch

Easy listening tunes for your lunchtimes. Simply press play and walk away.

Essential 80s

Exactly what it says – new wave, synth-pop, big hair, power suits, shoulder pads, Tom Cruise…

Feel Good Music

Positive vibes for the internal “feels” created by the timeless hits we all know and love.

Funday Friday

Celebrate the true TGIF aesthetic with these bumping end-of-week selections.

Funk Classic

Time to jump in the funk-tub and enjoy all your throwback bass-popping favourites.

Gym Jams

Soundtrack your session with this ultimate mix of cardio bangers and workout essentials.

Hit Repeat

Hold up, wait a minute, can we hear that again? Once is nowhere near enough!

Karaoke Classics

Wanna be a star? Grab the mic and sing through the decades with our extensive selection of karaoke jams.

Māori & Pasifika

Discover the indigenous music of New Zealand and Pasifika. Celebrated in a playlist that is both dynamic and unique.

NZ Summer 2021

Soundtrack to sunny days, warm nights, beach excursions and all things summer.

2010's Best

The stand-outs and most memorable selections from the 2011-2020 decade.

Best of Bogan

Get ready for a mix of grunge, rock and metal with this list.

Hip Hop Whanau

A classic Kiwi take on the best hip hop

Old School Vinyl

Before MP3’s and streaming there was vinyl. Turn back time to the good ol’ days of classics and crackles.

Party Bangers

Bangers, bangers and more bangers. Whatever the occasion this list will hold your dancefloor.

Rock 2000

Enjoy backstage access to the epic Rock FM countdown inductees. Party on Wayne.

Smart Casual

From the runways of fashion weeks, enjoy a VIP musical makeover with our snazziest mix.

Tasman Tug of War

A mix of the best Kiwi and Aussie tracks throughout the decades.

Throwback RnB

2am, 3pm, whatever time! This popular collection of slow jams covers the golden era of the late 80’s to 00’s.

Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday, lets time warp! Unlimited selection of old favourites but expect the unexpected.

Vintage Gold

Shake rattle and roll to simpler times with a golden guide to the good old days of yesteryear.

Workout HipHop

Safe energetic hip-hop with the trusted tempos of the genre to guide you through your workout.

DJ Sets


Pop hits for lower intensity workouts.


Dance and pop selections for cardio workouts.


A DJ mix of all your party favourites.


High tempo workout selections.


Sing-along beer garden greats.


The latest club bangers alongside dancefloor classics.


A collection of all the best dance tracks in its many forms.


Champions of the chilled and groove tempo.


Intense hip-hop and trap you can feel.