Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

AMS® Music now trading as AMS Nightlife is New Zealand’s number one computer-based music, content and advertising solutions provider for businesses. We work with venues throughout NZ to help create a unique sound and feel for their brand.

We’re awesome at curating music but AV gear is not our area of specialty, so we prefer to leave this to the professionals. We are happy to partner with your preferred supplier or recommend someone who can.

Initially we understand your music requirements, implement them and then update that brief on a regular basis. We provide ongoing training and music management. After hours all support calls are answered and managed by AMS® Staff at all times 24-7, this may be where the music is not playing or the music computer is not working. We also have our Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to help ensure you won’t have to repeat yourself and to document all interactions you have with our team.
You could, however most streaming services are not legal in a commercial premises and are not serviced. The service AMS Nightlife provides goes far beyond a playlist and a player. We consult with you and understand your requirements and brand. We then weave this into something that your customers will love. With a digital music service you are left to choose the music and to get it right it takes skill and lots of time. The technology that we provide is cutting-edge, ensuring a seamless service without the likes of volume fluctuations but it is our human curation and service that makes the real difference in venues. AMS® Music is the 100% legal music solution for commercial premises.
We have a team of dedicated staff that are here to help you every step of the way. Initial training, help setting up your music and getting the playlists right are just the start. We will provide ongoing support and training whenever you need it, this is all included in your subscription.
With one of the biggest music libraries in NZ and access to the largest libraries in the world there is a good chance we will have whatever you need. Depending on your subscription most systems have access to unlimited music requests.
Glad you love our system! Unfortunately we are only licensed for commercial premises.
No way! AMS Nightlife systems can be controlled via any device on your network that has a browser in it. This can include tablets (iPads), laptops, tills and phones (Android, Windows or iphone). So that means you can do this from anywhere on site.
Regardless of what music source you have, CD Player, Sky TV, the Radio or licensed music provider, like AMS Nightlife, you will still have to pay Public Performance fees to OneMusic. Pricing can be found online www.onemusicnz.com.

Sure can. We support all the major quiz suppliers and others. Believe It Or Not, Kiwiz and Gee Quiz are all supported. Our Quiz night functionality is the easiest in the business. With just 3 clicks it’s on screen – easy!
You sure can. In fact the AMS® Music system can play in as many as 4 different areas, possibly more if needed. This can be a mix of video or audio, depending on your requirements. The music can then be managed remotely if required. Additional zones may cost extra.
We have a range of different options to suit every budget, and will tailor make a package to suit your needs depending on your venue. We believe that overall we provide the best value for money music systems in NZ. Call us anytime to discuss this.
Sure can. These can be emailed to you on request or automatically.
Call us on 0800 267 687 anytime, we offer 24/7 technical support. In the unlikely case that there is a problem, most times we will be able to fix this for you over the phone. We have full remote access via the internet.
Just talk to us about the changes and we will arrange to change your AMS Nightlife subscription to the new owner.
.jpg images can be used on your AMS® Music system. You can also use video commercials and a watermark to brand your own TV channel.  Our team is happy to help with this. There is also full digital signage solutions available.
We have a huge variety which is constantly being updated. Over 120 different genres and at least 100,000 songs. You have control over what is played, we will work with you to make sure the music is exactly as you want it.
Simply request it. Depending on the subscription you have this will likely be at no additional cost.
Sure can. Your AMS Nightlife music system can be controlled via any device in your network that has a browser in it. This can include tablets (iPad), laptops, tills and phones (Android, Windows or iPhone).
Yes, you can control your AMS Nightlife system from any device on your network or on the road with AMS Anywhere and Manage My Nightlife. and we can explain how to make this happen.
Sure can, we can make sure that only the staff you want can have access.
AMS Nightlife caters to Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Retail stores, Gyms, Bowling Centres and many more. Basically, any venue where music is used either in the background, or foreground.
We have a great network of suppliers throughout NZ and are always happy to add new partners to our network. Give us a call 0800 267 687 anytime to discuss.
Your system does not need to be online to play music, however for us to provide you with the best technical support and be able to manage your system, then yes it does.
We sure do. All Hospitality NZ members get a discount. Please ensure you tell us you are a member.

Want to know more? Call now 0800 267 687 for a free trial