Christmas with AMS Nightlife


Christmas Music Request Form

Here’s an easy way to request Christmas music at your venue, simply fill out the information in the form below and we’ll sort the rest out. To keep your usual venue atmosphere alive, we’ll weave in one Christmas song every 20 minutes from the Christmas music option you select. If you have any extra requests, please fill it in the ‘Extra Information’ box. If you want us to give you a call to discuss the details, make sure to click the checkbox. 

This year, all Christmas music requests will start playing on the 1st December and stop playing on the 26th December. No Christmas music will be played on Boxing Day. If you want to make changes to this, please fill out your request in the ‘Extra Information’ box and we’ll make sure this happens.

The type of Christmas Music is important as well. In the selection box, choose whether you want to hear old school Classic Christmas music that features more traditional sounding songs, or Modern Christmas music that more up-beat and sung by more recent artists. You can select to have a mix of both. 

If you’d rather give us a call, our number is 0800 267 687 and we’re available during regular business hours to discuss Christmas music at your venue.