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Bastille Day

Bastille Day – Sunday 14th July 2019 Ma chere Mesdames et Messieurs, it is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we present…


Jukebox Requests June 2019

In June our Jukebox’s nationwide had over 59,000 customers searching the Jukeboxes in your venues for their favourite songs. Billie Ellish makes her debut…


4th of July

Independence Day To give props to our American cousins we’ve created an off the hook, all red, white and blue soundtrack for the 4th…


Canada Day!!!

It’s Canada Day so let’s get celebrating with our newly curated playlist “Secretly Canadian’. Oh Canada! The true north and the 2nd biggest country…


Playlist: Metal Mayhem

Do you quench the brutal distortion and face melting force of hard, fast and loud instruments of pain? Seal your doom and surrender to…


Jukebox Requests May 2019

In May our Jukebox’s nationwide had 62,265 customers searching the Jukebox’s in your venues for their favourite songs. AND for the first time in…


Mother’s Day

Get ready to spoil Mums in your venue this Sunday with our Mother’s Day playlist. Featuring 180 of our Mum’s favourite songs it will…

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