Power up the Polka – Oktoberfest is on the horizon!


If you plan to host an Oktoberfest celebration in your venue, or are keen to add a little German folk to your daily soundtrack in honour of the occasion, don’t forget to set your soundtrack with AMS Nightlife.

With a range of content available, you can customise an experience for your staff and your customers that speaks to your business and brand.

Read on to learn how you can schedule great music and promote your latest offers in real time and on demand.  

Managing Music 

AMS Nightlife’s Content Team expertly curates music lists exclusively for calendar events and occasions, like Oktoberfest, St Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day and more. 

Our Oktoberfest list features a steady flow of traditional music, including polka and German folk, to perfectly capture and convey the unique culture and merriment of this celebration. 

Using the Manage My Nightlife app, staff can queue music lists to keep the good times rolling, line up individual tracks to suit the atmosphere or even add guests’ requests into the music mix.  

To find the Oktoberfest playlist in the Manage My Nightlife app: 

  1. From the Menu, select Queue Lists
  2. Open the Nightlife Lists drop-down 
  3. Find the SPECIALTY section 
  4. Select the OKTOBERFEST list 

For more on queuing music lists, click here. 

To learn how to queue individual tracks, click here. 

Managing Digital Advertising 

AMS Nightlife’s digital advertising feature can be used to share information during events or promote celebrations in advance. 

A complete digital advertising library is available on the Manage My Nightlife web app. It includes a range of slides for calendar events, including Oktoberfest.  

Businesses can schedule these, or even their own custom slides, to show at certain times of the day, for a certain amount of time, on certain screens.  

To find Oktoberfest digital advertising slides in the Manage My Nightlife web app: 

  1. Select the Advertising tab 
  2. Make sure the User Advertising tab is selected 
  3. Click the Library button at the top of the page (in between Upload and Custom) 

For steps on how to queue these slides using the Manage My Nightlife web app, click here. 


Getting Oktoberfest Ready 

Whether it’s hosting a commemorative event in your venue, or just popping on a few polka hits for the afternoon, AMS Nightlife has got your music and promotions covered. 

Check out our support website for more tips or please email us if you have any questions. 

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