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Family-Friendly Music for the Ears This School Holidays


Adele once said, “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.” That makes perfect sense when you are a musician. What does it have to do with you as a business owner? 

We discussed in our last blog post that visuals played a big part in marketing and advertising.  Increasingly there is a need to ensure that the right music is projected together with the right visuals so as to create a brand identity that speaks to your customers. Music adds value to a brand through identity and engagement.  The use of music to establish an emotional connection with your venue increases brand recognition and allows your business to develop a genuine connection with your customers.  The family that only wants a quick dinner ends up staying the night because they love singing along or moving with the great music your venue plays. 

Now is a good time to get your music sorted. You would want to ensure that the music reflects your brand identity and creates the best possible experience that is both family-friendly and vibrant for your customers. 

Our music solutions have the family-friendly playlists you need to fill your venue with great music that identifies with your brand. You have the option to turn on the appropriate adult content filters to make sure it suits your customers.  

For playlists that have a Kiwiana flavour, select our Matariki playlist or NZ Music playlist. Alternatively, you can also select our BBQ Reggae playlist. 


Queuing a Playlist 

If you are using Manage My Nightlife to control your music system, you can start queuing your playlist by watching the video below.

Queuing a playlist


To read up on how to queue a new playlist, click here.

If you are using Media Manager to control your music system, follow the below instructions:  

  • Select “AMS Lists”; and
  • Choose any of the lists that take your fancy. 


Using Adult Content Filter with Manage My Nightlife 

If you are using Manage My Nightlife to control your music system, the adult content filter is available to prevent explicit music, album art and music videos from playing at your venue. Using the app, you can easily switch the adult content filter on and off to suit the occasion. 

To learn how to use the adult content filter, read here.


Spotify Integration with Manage My Nightlife or crowdDJ® 

Our Spotify integration allows you to play your favourite music from your Spotify list at your venue easily and legally.  What that means is that you can import and match your favourite Spotify music to our library. You can then either play it on its own or mix in with our playlists to create vibes that suit your venue.  

If you use the Manage My Nightlife or crowdDJ® app to control the music system, you can integrate your Spotify account by watching these tutorials.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your playlist, visit https://support.amsnightlife.co.nz/ or call our kiwi-operated Customer Support Team on 0800 111 960 

Getting your playlist ready is a breeze with our music systems, so get onto it now. 


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