Organising Visuals for Mother's Day Promotions and Events

Picture Perfect for Mother’s Day Promotions


Mother’s Day is just round the corner this Sunday, 8 May. Have you organised your ambient visuals for your Mother’s Day events?

Visual content plays an essential part in advertising your Mother’s Day events. We live in the era of big data. Visual content now represents about 93% of human communication.  Content created with visuals gets more attention than plain text.

Photo by Geert Pieters


Building brand awareness and engagement

When it comes to increasing brand awareness and engagement, the images you choose are crucial. They help your customers make the connection easily with your brand. Visuals also help your customers to associate their personal experiences with the image and build relationships with your brand.

Maximising your ad space

When premium advertising space is limited, visuals communicate more effectively than words. Visuals communicate faster than text because our eyes can register as many as 36,000 visual messages per hour. Over 80 percent of all information that is absorbed by the brain is visual in nature. Visuals allow you to tell your story while using less advertising space.

Targeting your audience

Carefully chosen images that capture the essence of your brand imagery will appeal to the kind of audience you want to appeal to. Think of your perfect customer – What is is important to her? What does her day look like? If you can visualise that person and what they want, you can choose visuals that your customers will respond to. In addition, while your customers are onsite, you also want to keep them entertained and engaged with eye-catching visuals and music videos.

So how do you get your ambient visuals ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday?

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography


Using Manage My Nightlife

If you use Manage My Nightlife to control your music system, follow this link to get started: Managing Visuals

Watch this video on how to load ambient visuals on your screen:

Watch this video on how to upload and display photos on your screen:

If you are having troubles with your visuals, here’s the Troubleshooting Visuals FAQ for your reference.  You can also give us our Customer Service Team a call on 0800 267 687.

Using Media Manager

If you use Media Manager to control your music system, you can download some of our Mother’s Day images and upload them into your slideshow folder.

If you would like to give our new and enhanced AMS Nightlife music system a go, do email us. Our new product – the AMS Nightlife music system – allows you to take direct control of your music. It is a customised music and video system with a robust advertising platform. Talk to our Sales team now.

Managing Your Music

We can also schedule customised playlist to help create your Mother’s Day vibe, so send us a message or call our Customer Service Team as soon as possible to set this up.

Whether you have a bring-along-your-mum exercise promotion or a high tea event planned, our music system can support you in hosting those events.


Main photo by Dakota Corbin

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