The Countdown Is On!


Well, 2021 is soon to officially be a thing of the past! After what was simultaneously the shortest and longest year of all time, a New Year is officially upon us.  

Let AMS Nightlife New Year’s Eve Screen Countdown create the ultimate in entertainment.  

Here’s how to Schedule Your New Year’s Eve Countdown on your AMS Media Manager. 

 1. Visit: 


2. “Click Here For More” on your desired zone 


3. Click “Menu” and choose: “Schedule Countdown To 2022” 


You can now click the “Test” button to preview the countdown, and “Schedule” to schedule in the New Year’s Eve Countdown, immediately follow by the classic Auld Lang Syne. 


If you only have one zone of music on your AMS Nightlife music system, you can use the following link to navigate directly to the schedule page: 

If you’re experiencing issues in setting up your New Year’s Eve Countdown don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 111 960. 

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