How To Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Music


How many times has music instantly changed the atmosphere? Took us out of that nine-to-five? Of the dull existence provided by a long week. Or just, for a moment, has dragged us onto the dance floor to dance as if “there was no tomorrow”? 

A great song has always been excellent therapy for the blues, and as all our limits were tested this year, that seemed especially true. From music produced entirely in isolation (Taylor Swift), to lyrics that spoke to our housebound states (Living in a ghost town, Rolling Stones), to artists that we couldn’t escape (Olivia Rodrigo), and didn’t want to!  

Music is an essential part of setting the mood for any venue and to create an unforgettable environment, conducive with your clientele. 

As restrictions slowly start to ease, and socialising resumes, there’s nothing more essential than a great playlist for your venue. During any number of parties, dinners, and awkward office get-togethers, music can both break the ice, generate an unexpected conversation, or create lifelong memories. 

Of course, you can spend hours crafting the perfect playlist out of a mix of classics and personal favourites, or you can take a helpful hand from AMS Nightlife, who customise playlists, especially for your venue and clientele.  

Whether you want set and forget, perfectly designed soundtracks, or have input from customers and staff to personalise the playlist through our in-venue  request innovation- crowdDJAMS Nightlife can help you craft an unforgettable music experience. You can even offer a crowdDJ custom playlist for your customer to experience your music at home.  

Whether you’re an accommodation facility, bar or restaurant, retail or leisure, fitness, or sports venue, transforming your venues into destinations and creating an unforgettable guest experience with music is paramount. 

Music has the power to transform a business by connecting people with places. Creating the right atmosphere and providing a complete entertainment solution builds loyalty, gives market presence, and will positively impact your bottom line.  

Get in touch today to learn how AMS Nightlife can positivity impact your business and build an atmosphere to be proud of. 


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