Get To Know AMS Nightlife and What Makes Our Director Karen de Bres Tick!


Who are AMS Nightlife? 

AMS Nightlife is New Zealand’s premier locally based, internationally regarded music and visual subscription service for any business. 

Based in Wellington, servicing all of New Zealand, AMS Nightlife offers a wealth of knowledge in music technology, creating unique soundtracks for brands across the country and around the world. 

It is the result of two wholly-owned family businesses from New Zealand and Australia with overlapping passions for superior customer support and content curation, joining forces. 

Husband and wife duo, Brent and Karen de Bres started AMS Music in 2004, building it to be NZ’s music-visual powerhouse with an unrivalled reputation for customer-first attention. 

Australia’s largest music tech company responsible for world-first innovations, Nightlife Music, was founded over 30 years ago by best mates Mark Brownlee and Tim de Souza and now supports over 5,000 clients across all industries in Australia. 

With superior technologies in both markets (that each individual business could benefit from) AMS Music & Nightlife Music decided to partner and create AMS Nightlife. AMS Nightlife is an inspired outcome aimed at elevating customer experience to new heights. 

AMS Nightlife services over 1,300 clients across all industry verticals including hospitality, fitness, accommodation, leisure, retail and dining. 

Q and A with Karen de Bres, Managing Director of AMS Nightlife 

How did your passion for music and superior customer service evolve AMS Nightlife to where it is today? 

Music has always been something I have loved but only been involved in from the other side of the fence as an end user.  Brent was a DJ and worked in Sales for many years with a passion for all things technical (which was the driving force for the origins of AMS Nightlife).  I am notorious in our house as the one always singing along and making up the lyrics as I go, and then insisting my lyrics are right and the artist got it wrong!  My career started out in the Insurance Industry, and it was there that my passion for providing outstanding service and forging customer relationships was born.  At AMS Nightlife we have always been big on putting customers’ needs first and working out the details later.  Our very first two customers are still with us today, and many of our clients feel more like friends than customers. 

How has the music industry changed since AMS Nightlife was created?  

The world has become way more digital since AMS Nightlife started, and this has heavily flowed into the music industry.  Digital file delivery v’s the days of old when we received all new releases from the record companies on a CD has been a huge change.  Media players have also become smaller and sleeker, and now everyone has a smartphone in hand to help control their music tech.  I would say for NZ, we also have many more local artists that are now making names for themselves internationally which is great.   

What developments have you made to ensure AMS Nightlife is an industry leader? 

We have always been big on research and keeping an eye on both music and tech internationally to watch the trends and bring new ideas to our product.  This is something that Brent is especially passionate about.  We have inhouse developers who are constantly working on new product enhancements.  We also listen to our customers, much of our development over the years has come from customer feedback.  

What advice would you give to a business looking to introduce a music system?  

Do your research.  Talk to others in your relevant industries and get feedback on what sort of service they have experienced with their current suppliers.  A music system should do so much more than just play music.  These days it’s an entertainment system. The most important thing I believe is to make sure the solution you choose meets your needs and there is robust service support around it.  Compliance is also really important.  Make sure the platform you choose is licensed for commercial venues.  There are so many misconceptions out there about the use of consumer products such as Spotify which are not actually licensed to be used in commercial premises. 



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