Music and Mental Health. Is Music the Anti-Anxiety Remedy We Need Right Now?


In this particularly tense moment, as many of us are managing our escalating anxiety with whatever seems to work- exercise, medication, chocolate- one remedy that has zero side effects, requires no prescription, and costs little to nothing has been gaining in popularity, music!

Its’ a small wonder a growing number of artists are currently releasing music specifically fashioned to alleviate anxiety, part of a larger music-as-therapy trend exploding in the wellness world. Think Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ which explores nature, wellness and healing.

Music therapy- the clinical use of music to evoke visceral responses that help people heal, emotionally and even physically—has been shown to aid in everything from anxiety, stress and pain management. Music can also keep you company and it can have a direct effect on our nervous system, which works to slow our heart rate and breathing when we’re stressed.

As many New Zealander’s move to Alert Level 3 today, boosting team morale and alleviating stress in the workplace has never been more important.

Press pause on the pandemic, dance your troubles away or add some positive, life-affirming tracks to your playlist!

AMS Nightlife has curated ‘Always Sunny’ and ‘Feel Good Music’ playlists to boost your mood, reduce stress, improve team morale and increase motivation.

Simply open ‘search’ within Spotify and click the camera icon. Point your camera at the Spotify code to play!

Get a taste of the playlists below and tell us what you think!

If you need resources to support your mental health click here

If you need to talk, free call or text 1737 to talk to a trained counsellor. They’re available day and night.




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