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Anytime Cambridge

For the team at Anytime Fitness Cambridge, the most important part of their gym is the people. Supporting them along their journey to a healthier lifestyle no matter how long they have been associated. Installing AMS Nightlife into their venue made, “a huge impact at Anytime Fitness Cambridge,” said Sam, the manager of the gym.

“Being able to schedule different playlists that match our clientele at different times of the day has been the biggest improvement since installing AMS Nightlife. We are able to lift the mood or calm it down, and it has enticed a younger generation of people to join once they’ve been through the club on a trial visit and heard our playlists.”

It is the dedication to their members that is important with gyms. Happier members equal a better experience. Holly, one of the staff members, mentioned how the change to AMS Nightlife has impacted members. “We definitely have noticed members are happier with the pick of music and some members have mentioned that the vibe is much better, and they feel more motivated to working out.”

Anytime Fitness also have a crowdDJ Kiosk installed, allowing their members to pick the tunes they want to hear with a few taps. Located beside their equipment rack, there is a sense of motivation while using the kiosk to get back into your routine, knowing your favourite song is going to come on next in the queue. 

“Our members have said that they really enjoyed the fact that they can come in and pick their music. The variety is much better than before, offering more people music they might like compared to before where it was a total guess whether there would be a song you liked come on.” – Holly

It’s important to show members exactly where everything is, including the crowdDJ Kiosk which gives you the choice of thousands of different songs to play.

“We let all members know how to use crowdDJ through in-club signage, our media channels and we show every new potential member or trial visitor the kiosk in their first initial tour. Sound is really important in our club. Not just the music itself, but also the quality of sound, it’s crucial to motivate our members during their workout. We have seen a significant decrease in members using personal headphones since partnering with AMS Nightlife; it’s great to see.”


crowdDJ Kiosk inside of Anytime Fitness Cambridge

One of the favourite features of Anytime Fitness Cambridge is the scheduling ability for different times of the day. These features and functions are able to be activated through the Manage My Nightlife app. Sam says that,

“During our ‘off peak’ times  we have classic sounds playing that people remember from back in the day. Then as the gym gets busier we change the music to create an upbeat atmosphere and from there our members also select what they want to listen to.”

 There is definitely something for everyone and we can create a vibe that everyone can get moving to.

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