Innovation was the winner of 2020

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Lockdown came and went, but it was almost a blessing in disguise for innovation.

What is innovation? By definition, it’s the introduction of something new and something that hasn’t been done before. 2020 has been filled with innovation forced by the first Lockdown. Kiwis had to adapt to life without face-to-face interaction for two months while they aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19. After a successful run, New Zealand has been almost COVID-Free in the community since the end of May. So how was Lockdown a blessing for innovation? Especially for AMS Nightlife?

Trivia Control & Scorecard

We released Trivia Control & Scorecard (TCS) in May to give customers the ability to control quizzes from their mobile device, tablet or laptop. Gone are the days of clickers, pens and pencils. By simply logging in to a customer can enter their Quiz Code supplied by AMS Nightlife and use their phone to start the quiz, stop the quiz and change slides.

It’s the first quiz controller of it’s kind that’s been developed here in New Zealand, putting AMS Nightlife well ahead of any other quiz distributors. The innovation doesn’t stop there. Quiz hosts have always created beautiful spreadsheets of data, but have never been able to display their work onto their screens. Scorecard works around this issue and gives the power directly to the quiz host with the ability to score the game and display the results around their venue.

A Scorecard from Trivia Control with scores entered in


Save time and put your customers first with Trivia Control & Scorecard. Take the hassle out of spreadsheets and give customers something worth talking about. To top it off, you can share the link to everyone at the quiz so they can see the results once they’ve headed home, keeping customers engaged for longer and giving them the ability to show their mates how great (or terribly) they performed.

Trivia Control & Scorecard has been used in hundreds of venues over the country. 73,000 scores have been entered into the Scorecard since May which is extremely exciting. Venues love the simplicity of Trivia Control & Scorecard and how it increases the flow of their quiz nights.


DJ Sets

COVID-19 had a huge impact on how the hospitality industry operated. Conditions such as only being seated in venues put strain on venues with no way of hosting live bands or other types of performers. To give a live music feel, we released the DJ Sets to our customers which allowed them to create the feeling of a custom DJ set. There are nine to choose from that have been hand crafted in a specific order to create a smooth transition between songs just like what a DJ would.

Customers on our Nightlife system can also request songs using crowdDJ during the DJ sets for custom tracks in between curated ones to make a unique mix combination. There’s no need to leave your seat with crowdDJ as you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and request straight from your device. This makes the process much easier and gives anyone the opportunity to be part of the DJ Set. Even post-COVID, venues can enjoy the sounds of DJ Sets for almost any purpose. With time specific settings, gyms can use sets for their classes and can turn trainers into workout DJ’s.

Find more about DJ Sets here.


Innovation has been the real winner of 2020 with so many new and useful projects finally coming to life. Solutions have been created for problems that may not have even been considered if it wasn’t for COVID-19. In a year that we probably want to forget about, some positives have arisen and are now going to help the Hospitality industry to get right back on it’s feet.

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