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Why Music Streaming Services Aren’t Right for Hospitality

We’re living in a world that gives listeners more control over their music than ever before. The days of CD changing and mixtape creation are over, and the lifestyle of music subscriptions and sharable playlists are the way to go. Wireless earphone devices that give us the option to change music with a tap dominate busses, planes and even walks through the busy city streets at rush hour. While streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are perfect for personal use, they aren’t so great for bars, restaurants, stores and businesses. These services are licensed for personal use only. Meaning that poolside tunes, birthday parties and epic road trips are ideal for using these services, while background music at your bar, restaurant and even at large events is not allowed.

Spotify isn’t the way forward

As tempting as it is, plugging the AUX cord into your phone and blasting tunes through Spotify isn’t the right way to craft the sound of your brand. It’s very easy. Purchase a device capable of playing a music streaming service, plug it in, press play and let it go. With new music being added every day, it’s difficult to stay on top of your playlists, your brand’s sound, and your customer’s choice. Luckily, there are better ways to easily manage your music, that give you the power to play what you want publicly, without any hassle. AMS Nightlife provides an easy to use music system that is set up to work with your brand and your venue. Playlists will be constantly updated; music will be filtered for explicit songs if that’s what you’re after and you’ll never have to manually add music to your playlists again. The team at AMS Nightlife do this all for you so that you can get back to your customers and give them the attention they deserve.

Licensed music supports local

AMS Nightlife have the license to provide access to the world’s music and they’ll find the songs that work for your venue. They’ll set up scheduling for you, giving your venue freedom to play what you want when you want it. This also allows you to customise the music for the vibe at any time of the day. It removes the hassle of starting and stopping specific playlists constantly. There is power in your hands with AMS Nightlife. We provide you with a custom-built dashboard that gives you access to change music, digital advertising, and video content all in one place. You’ll have the freedom to play tracks you want to listen to or even give customers the power to pick their own music with crowdDJ. So what if you want to play your own list from your favourite music streaming service? Well, crowdDJ has a fantastic feature that gives customers the ability to connect their Spotify account to the app and choose their favourite songs from there. Even better, using the Manage My Nightlife App, you can load your own lists into your AMS Nightlife system.

In summary, streaming services are fantastic for personal use. Going to the beach, having a BBQ and doing all those fantastic personal activities we love. For business, it’s not within their license. AMS Nightlife can take your brand to the next level and give customers an experience that no streaming service can provide.

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