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Playlist curation and sound quality crucial for Anytime Fitness

Motivating members and staff comes easy with Nightlife Music

Anytime Fitness multiple-franchise owner Jordan Cowan says Nightlife is unrivalled in two areas in particular: careful playlist curation suited to particular times of the day and night, and sound quality.

“Sound is really important in our clubs; not just the music itself, but also the quality of sound. It’s crucial to motivating our members during their workout. We have seen a significant decrease in members using personal headphones since partnering with Nightlife Music; it’s great to see.”

And it’s not just members who have become raving fans of the Nightlife system.

“The team loves being able to choose the music. They have a hand in creating playlists, often by connecting their personal Spotify accounts, so it’s like every gym has its own personality as each is different. In terms of personal enjoyment, it’s great that the staff get to hear such a wide variety of fitness music at work; it never gets stale or repetitive.”

For Collective Media Group CEO, Andrew Sneddon, the appeal of Nightlife is in the numbers:

“In one year we have had 260 Anytime Fitness clubs take on the Nightlife Music service. Franchisees love the Nightlife system… The fact that so many have gotten on board is testament to how much they value the system.”

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