Our Brand New Trivia Control


While in lockdown, we released the new bright and shiny, easy to use browser based Trivia Control and Trivia Control Scorecard. This allows venues to give players a captivating and more competitive experience during their quiz nights. You can now show the team scores on your TV’s. Our exclusive scorecard is endorsed by Believe It Or Not and compatible with all other major pub quiz providers.

The Scorecard works for you, allowing you to customise the way you input scores, completes the addition for you, you can also email results to teams and save the team names for the next week. It now makes it possible for you to run your quiz night with just one staff member. Ultimately you can focus less on the scores and more about your customers and their experience. It’s never been easier to run a quiz at your venue.

But wait……there’s more. You’ll be able to control the quiz and scorecard from anywhere in your venue. You can also walk around and use your phone as a clicker to advance the slides.

Please check out the video for a step-by-step guide as to how to use the new Trivia Control and Scorecard. If you have any questions, talk to our friendly team on 0800 267 687 and they will be happy to walk you through.

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