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New Zealand Music Month 2020

The month of May is the biggest on the musical calendar in New Zealand, and even with lockdown rules stopping public performance and celebration, Kiwis are still finding fantastic ways to stay true to their roots online.

New Zealand Music Month celebrates the talent that kiwis bring to the music industry and allows us to back artists that are from our own backyard. AMS Nightlife is proud to be backing New Zealand Month once again and will continue to celebrate and include artists from all over Aotearoa into our library. With times like these, persistence and patience has allowed artists to become more connected than ever before to their fans. You can always find artists streaming to social media platforms and performing songs they have never performed in public. This adds to the growing list as to why New Zealand Music Month this year will be so different and so special. Live streaming capabilities have allowed two-way communication between fans and the artists, providing a more intimate setting from the viewer’s home.

This year’s theme is to listen local, and we want to help continue to push that statement all year round. With 2,000+ New Zealand artists in our library, you can enjoy great Kiwi music from wherever you are in the country. It’s incredible to see so many New Zealanders backing local artists this year. Watching their live performances online, listening to their music, and keeping up to date with the brilliant advancements in technology as well. There’s so much more music in store this month, and it’s never too late to support new artists as well as your favourites.

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