COVID-19 Notice


AMS Nightlife COVID-19 screen resources available here

For over fifteen years we have been proud music partners of New Zealand clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, retail and many other business sectors that as of Wednesday, will close.

AMS Nightlife, as a fully family-owned and funded Wellington based business with a fantastic group of staff behind it will also be severely impacted.

After todays’ government announcement, the vast majority of our customers will be forced to close their doors for a minimum of one month, and we truly understand the distress this unprecedented and unpredictable crisis is causing.  But as a strong and proud New Zealand business, we want to assure you that this is temporary, and we will be here when things return back to normal. Furthermore, for any clients still able to trade, you can rely on our service and support throughout these extraordinary times.  Equally we feel that in the long term, when the inevitable rebound occurs, that our service will emerge as one of the key tools that helps our clients get back on their feet whilst controlling their spend. i.e. we intend to use this time, when businesses are closed, to double down on our product development and music curation.  So that when we all come back to work, we at AMS | Nightlife, will be ready to help you and NZ celebrate the re-opening of the country.

We have been planning for this in the proceeding weeks, and all staff are set up and working from home for at least four weeks.   You can still get us on 0800 267 687 if you need us.

If your venue is closed:

  1. AMS | Nightlife will put your monthly service fees on hold, for the minimum 4 week government closure and will review this based on any further government announcements.
  2. By default, (i.e. without requiring you to call or email us) we will apply this to all pubs, clubs, gyms, leisure centres and any other venues affected by the Level 4 Government closures.
  3. If your venue is not in this category but closes, you will need to notify us, so we can credit the appropriate amounts.

We wish all of you well during these terrible times.  We will be here when life starts to return to normal, and we will do our part to get customers out and about having fun again when it is safe to do so.  It goes without saying that we are in this with you, as we have been for 15 years, experiencing all of the same anxiety and stresses that you are and doing everything we can to help both you and our own teams.  We are a strong business and we will come through this, but we can’t do this alone. Let’s do our part to make things brighter.

Kia Kaha Aotearoa, above all stay safe, we will see you on the other side.

Karen, Brent and the team at AMS Nightlife ♥

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