Soundtrack Your World Music Day with “O.E Radio”.

It’s World Music Day so let’s get celebrating with our newly curated playlist “O.E. Radio’. Broaden your horizons with this magic carpet ride across the globe. Featuring the likes of Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Jungle Fire and DJ Snake it’s quite the ride. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for flight mode. Let’s fly, […]

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Playlist: Metal Mayhem

Do you quench the brutal distortion and face melting force of hard, fast and loud instruments of pain? Seal your doom and surrender to the circle. Beware, not for the faint-hearted. Listener discretion advised. Available on your Media Manager now: > My Music > AMS Lists > Metal Mayhem Playlist Preview:

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Jukebox Requests May 2019

In May our Jukebox’s nationwide had 62,265 customers searching the Jukebox’s in your venues for their favourite songs. AND for the first time in six months, we have a new number one!!!

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